Mónica Anavitarte

I am Mónica Anavitarte and I have the honor to be a grandmother in Kantaya and to follow, step by step, every achievement they have been accomplishing throughout the years as an association. With a lot of effort and dedication, mainly from the founders, Yessica and Fabi, whom I admire deeply for the very human spirit they have, they help to make true the dreams of many children and adults in Kantaya. Kantaya believes, as I do, in the Power of Education!

A while ago, I had the privilege of meeting Mayra, an exceptional person that started from a very young age to go to Kantaya, and nowadays, almost a professional, she is an example and role model for many other children that, just like her, are dedicated to their education and development with responsibility and perseverance.

Mayra and I had a Mentoring process, which lasted for around 10 months, where we both learned quite a lot. I keep that experience in the bottom of my heart and I ask to anybody that has something to give to humankind, whether is time, knowledge, experiences, teachings, etc., generally speaking, anything they wish to give to the children in Kantaya, to come join this cause, because in this way, we are creating a better world.

Let´s not look from the balcony what is happening on the world, instead, let´s look for active ways to contribute, from wherever we are and however we are able to, everything helps if we come together as a collective consciousness for a greater good.

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