Daniela Bellido

A few days ago, they wrote to ask me to tell about my experience in Kantaya and I remembered what a good time I had there and how much I learned. I had the opportunity to be a volunteer and be part of the administrative area; it was a big challenge but I learned a lot.

Before I start to talk about my experience briefly, I would like to say that being part of an NGO is a whole lot of a challenge, because the work you carry out is going to be reflected in the future. All the time you put in, is to change someone´s life, to enlighten it, as I learned to do it in Kantaya.

As part of the administrative team, I worked in everything, in events, activities, contacting volunteers, companies, freelance people, among other things. I felt I was contributing in every aspect since I was able of doing a bit of everything. There was just a few of us that worked in the inner environment of the organization in Kantaya, but I have no doubt that each one of us gave more than 100% because our work had a purpose.

I worked with tools that were new for me, I was in touch with different types of people, I learned a lot from my direct lady boss, who always was there to teach me something new. I learned a lot from the entire organization.

So, as a volunteer, what else could I say? For me, it is a breathtaking experience. You are there giving your time, knowledge, stories, among other things, to people that truly cherish it. You share your life and by doing it, you contribute to change a life.

I had the opportunity to be part of the school campaign in the previous stage, during and afterwards; it was exhausting, I cannot deny that. But when you see the smiles on those kids´ faces and the willingness to help from all the volunteers, it is gratifying. To be part of a NGO is, definitely gratifying, you know you are helping someone else grow and to be more than you are to be able of changing the future of this country, and so, make it a better place.

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